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Traffic Alert for Saturday, December 4, 2010 - #:30 AM to 12:30 PM - Road Closure from the Negril Roundabout to Green Island - Reggae Marathon 10th Anniversary

ON SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2010 special traffic controls will be in place from the Negril Roundabout to Green Island for the 10th annual Reggae Marathon & Half Marathon.

3:30am ROAD CLOSED - Only FREE shuttle buses and authorized vehicles
will be allowed - At 12:30pm ROAD REOPENS.

During the road closure, FREE shuttle buses will pick-up and drop off ANYONE that needs to travel along the Reggae Marathon route from the Negril Roundabout to Green Island.

. Vehicles traveling from Lucea and Green Island should take the road from Green Island via Grange Hill, Alma, Little London and to Negril.

. Vehicles traveling from Montego Bay are to use the Reading to Savanna La Mar route.

Traffic rules will be rigorously enforced to keep the event safe for all participants. The Reggae Marathon happens ONE day of the year and adds value to our tourism product and livelihood. Please cheer on and encourage participants so that they will return and tell others of their Negril experience. Please plan ahead and allow extra time for travel on race morning. Thank you for your cooperation!

Reggae Marathon 2010 10th Anniversary Road Closure Information

Instructions to properties for Race Day Saturday December 4, 2010

Official Road Closure hours: 3:30am to 12:30pm in order to keep our event safe for participants, No traffic at all will be permitted on Norman Manley Blvd between 5:15am and 7:15am

• Shuttle times: 4:00am, 4:15am, 4:30am & 4:45am (last one before race). Shuttles will be on hold temporarily between 5:15am and 7:15am and will resume thereafter.

Guests departing from hotels for flights:

Hotel guests departing the island must leave the resorts early to avoid the road closure
Hotels/Guest Houses must send the following information by fax - 957-4619 or email: to JUTA Negril by 12:00 noon Tuesday November 30
Name of Hotel/Guest House
Name of Company/ Driver transporting the guests
Type, Colour and License number of vehicle
Flight departure time
Departure time from the hotel

The Police will escort the vehicles from their location on the Norman Manley Boulevard to the Negril Roundabout and the vehicles would then take the Savanna la Mar/Reading route to Montego Bay Airport.

Guests arriving at Montego Bay Airport:

All vehicles coming to Negril must use the Long Hill/Reading route via Savanna La Mar to Negril. The following information must be provided to JUTA Negril by 12:00 noon Tuesday November 30
Name of Hotel/Guest House
Name of Company/ Driver transporting the guests
Type, Colour and License number of vehicle
Flight arrival time in Montego Bay

Staff coming to work for early morning shifts:

Staff coming from Westmoreland side
Staff needed for early morning shifts must be brought in earlier than usual. Persons need to be at the Negril Roundabout by 4:30am latest in order to get a shuttle to their workplace. Staff buses would also need to be at the Roundabout by 4:30am latest and in order to get to the respective properties before the road is completely closed

Staff coming from Hanover side:
Staff from Hanover would need to be at Green Island by 4:45am at the latest so as to get a shuttle to bring them to Long Bay Beach Park. As time permits the shuttle would take them down to the Roundabout or to the properties below Long Bay Beach Park.

Staff coming to work for 7:00 am shifts:
Properties should have the night staff stay on duty until the morning staff are able to come to work. The staff on the 7:00am shift will likely not be able to arrive at that time as the road will be closed till 7:15am. Expect delays of 45 minutes to an hour due to the Road Closure.

• The road will be slowly reopened as runners pass the particular areas. The section of the Boulevard from the Round About to Long Bay Beach Park will be the first section to be reopened.
• The Police will be on hand to control the traffic and enforce the road closure. Police will be placed at strategic locations along the Boulevard
• The Police will only allow emergency vehicles, shuttles, and authorized vehicles on the Boulevard

See Reggae Marathon Web Site for additional information

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