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Negril Education Environment Trust (NEET) Hosted a
"Think-Tank Week-end" at the Travellers Beach Resort

Negril Education Environment Trust

Think-Tank Week-end

May 4 - 6, 2007

During the week-end of May 4 - 6 the Negril Education Environment Trust (NEET) hosted a "Think-Tank Week-end at the Travellers Beach Resort in Negril. Most of the key players in NEET attended the event.

The event was organized in an effort to review the current status of NEET and to determine how best each key player could assist in fulfilling the objectives of NEET as well as to provide a network for all involved.

The week-end started on Friday, May 4 with a cocktail party at which NEET was honored to have the company of distinguished guests.

In the final analysis of the "Think-Tank Week-end" a number of issues were determined and each key player present took the responsibility of addressing these issues over a given time period.

NEET would like to express its gratitude to the following persons and is looking forward to your continued assistance in making the dreams of NEET become a reality.



Dale Munn
Margaret Fowler
Lynette Lynch
Colleen Clancy
Keith Duhaney
Robert Bond
Melville Harris
Vincent Guthrie
Peter Lopez
Jayne Lopez
Richard Lindo
Grace Lee
Dennis Hawthorne
Denville Reid
Wayne DeLeon
Kenric Davis
Nora Presley
Preston Johnson
Rudolf Willis
Winston Wellington
Harvey Brown
Eric Coote
Kenric Davis
Norma Miles
Roy Reid
Aldith Walker
Clifford Morrell
Mark Wright
Gene Ricketts-Dawkins
Dwight Berry

Negril Education Environment Trust (NEET) Hosted a
"Think-Tank Week-end" Cocktail Party at the Travellers Beach Resort

Photographs by - May 4 - 6, 2007 at the Travellers Beach Resort Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica W.I. - Page #1

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Offical Web Site Negril Education Environment Trust (N.E.E.T.)

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