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Striptease Night Club at Srub-A-Dub Car Wash - Negril's #1 Concert & After Hours Club

Striptease Night Club at Srub-A-Dub Car Wash - Negril's #1 Concert & After Hours Club

Stiptease Night Club is located at Scrub-A-Dub Car Wash on Whitehall Road in Negril. It has become recognized as Negril's #1 after hours club. It is a place where you can go when other Negril night spots are winding down to chill out, enjoy your favorite beverage, watch the many beautiful Jamaican dancers, and continue your partying to the vibes produced by an excellent DJ with a great selection of music.

Over the years, Srub-A-Dub complex has continued to change and grow. When I first became acquainted with Scrub-A-Dub years ago it was a primarily a Car Wash that gave excellent car washes every time I visited it. After a while, I noticed a very small lounge and bar where I could buy a cold Red Stripe Beer to quench my thirst while waiting for my car to be washed. This very small bar and lounge was the meager beginnings of the Striptease Night Club. The Scrub-A-Dub property has been consistently developed over the last 9 to 10 years to where it still houses the Scub-A-Dub Car Wash, where you can still get that excellent car wash, at a new location at the back of a large parking lot to the rear of the Striptease Night Club.

However, the Strip Tease Night Club has grown tremendously from that small bar and lounge to where it is now. Today it is a rather large night club complex with a main floor dancing area where you will find a dancers stage with many Jamaican dancers, and plenty of dance floor room for you to relax and enjoy the vibes of the music with two bars that serve top shelf beverages. You can also venture upstairs to a very attractive second floor large swimming pool patio area with its own pool side bar. If you wish to have a special event, or pool party with friends or business associated the swimming pool patio area is the place to come to. From the pool patio area you can access a second floor balcony that oversees the main dance floor with plenty of seating should you wish a more private lounge area to relax with your significant other, or friends. Outside, in the front parking area, you will find a Gaming Lounge with slot machines, and pool tables for your enjoyment. Of course, if you have the late night / early morning munchies you will find great soup, and a good selection of Jamaican food to satisfy your hunger.

There has also been a VIP Lounge and Bar area on the second floor which is reachable from the main dance floor, or an outside staircase. This area has just been redesigned and developed into a very attractive and extremely comfortable VIP lounge and bar, with a dancers cage, a large king size bed, many plush couches, a large VIP bar, and great view of the Jamaican dancers, and the main dance floor below. No smoking is allowed in the new VIP lounge, but you can step through a door to a second floor porch where you can partake of your smoking. Smoking is also allowed on the main dance floor and bar areas. You can access and view photos of the new VIP Lounge at the D' Angel @ Striptease Night Club Photo Gallery below.

Striptease Night Club has recently become the Negril Concert place to see a variety of top Jamaican Artiste. The first concerts were originally staged in the front parking lot with plenty of room for concert goers. You could easily view the concerts from the second floor Pool Patio Area, and the second floor VIP Lounge. The most recent concert with D' Angle was staged inside the Striptease Night Club. D' Angle performed on the main floor dancers stage which is viewable from the new VIP Lounge, and the second floor balcony from which the DJ operates. I have viewed Striptease Night Club concert performances by Bounty Killa, Kip Rich, Busy Signal, D' Angel, Mona Lisa, and Dancehall Lady Divas. You will find Stiptease Night Club Concert Photo Galleries of these concerts linked below.

If you are a local Jamaican, or a vacationing visitor to Negril Jamaica looking for a safe, hazel free after hours club with good security, I suggest your try the Striptease Night Club at Scub-A-Dub Car Wash. I am sure that you will enjoy chilling out with your favorite beverage, watching the many beautiful talented Jamaican dancers, and experiencing the vibes of Negril's #1 Concert and After Hours Night Club. Take a look at the Stiptease Night Club Concert Photo Galleries below and your will see what I mean.

Striptease Night Club Concert Photo Galleries

Busy Signal and Kip Rich @ Striptease Night Club Photo Gallery

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