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MS Freedom Of The Seas & Plaques & Keys Ceremony Photos
Royal Caribbean International's - Newest Vessel

First Arrival at Port Montego Bay Cruise Terminal -
Thursday, June 8, 2006, Page # 4

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  • Freedom of the Seas' onboard ice-skating rink Center Ice is used to stage the original ice show "," which incorporates theatrical lighting, video screens, and the Internet to capture and transport the audience to global events and places.
  • Freedom of the Seas' expanded Royal Promenade, an entertainment boulevard on Deck Five, is 445 feet long - 125 feet longer than a football field - and features shopping, dining, bars and lounges, an overhanging bridge and a nightly midnight parade, making it a destination unto itself.
  • Freedom Day Spa is a retreat for relaxation and revitalization where guests can take advantage of new spa services such as acupuncture, teeth whitening and therapeutic stone massage. The Spa's services also have expanded to include a "Time for Men" menu and Generation YSpa, a menu of treatments for teenage guests.
  • Freedom of the Seas offers families six ways to be together beyond triple and quad stateroom categories, including the Presidential Family Suite, at 1,215 square feet, which sleeps 14 and features fours bedrooms, fours baths and 810-square-foot outdoor living area with whirlpool, wet bar and al fresco dining table.
  • The new fleet-wide bedding program debuting on Freedom of the Seas enhances the sleep experience with new bed frames designed to prevent sagging; nine-inch-thick spring mattresses with two-inch-thick micro-fiber pillow tops; 220-thread-count cotton-blend sheets; two micro-fiber pillows; and duvet with cotton-blend covers.
  • All staterooms on Freedom of the Seas feature space-saving, flat-panel televisions.
***[MS Freedom Of The Seas information "quoted" from Royal Caribbean International's Press Releases]
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