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MS Freedom Of The Seas & Plaques & Keys Ceremony Photos
Royal Caribbean International's - Newest Vessel

First Arrival at Port Montego Bay Cruise Terminal -
Thursday, June 8, 2006, Page # 2

  • Standing upright on its bow, Freedom of the Seas would trump New York's famed Chrysler building (1,046 feet) and Paris' Eiffel Tower (986 feet).
  • At 160,00 the GRT of Freedom of the Seas is equal to that of Royal Caribbean's first four ships put together.
  • Boasting a width of 185 feet, Freedom of the Seas is actually wider that the White House is long (168 feet).
  • When measured from the waterline to the top of the funnel, Freedom of the Seas towers 208 feet tall, which is approximately the same height as two Salutes of Liberty, placed head to toe.
  • Freedom of the Seas has enough staterooms to host all, and we mean all, NFL, MBL and NBA players and coaches in one single sailing.
  • The Arcadia Theatre seats 1,350 guests, approximately the same amount of passengers housed on three 747 airplanes.
  • Although the ShipShape Fitness Center only has one boxing ring, it is large enough to fit 62 of them.
  • The Royal Promenade stretches longer than a football field, running 445 feet down the center of the ship.
***[MS Freedom Of The Seas information "quoted" from Royal Caribbean International's Press Releases]
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