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MS Freedom Of The Seas & Plaques & Keys Ceremony Photos
Royal Caribbean International's - Newest Vessel
First Arrival at Port Montego Bay Cruise Terminal -
Thursday, June 8, 2006, Page # 1


The MS Freedom Of The Seas "at 160,000 GRT is Royal Caribbean International's largest, most innovative cruise ship in the world, offering guests an endless number of activities and onboard options. Below are some facts about the MS Freedom Of The Seas, and photos taken during its first arrival at the Port Montego Bay, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

By The Numbers:

3,700,000 square feet of steel plate 100 miles of piping
350,000 steel pieces used in the hull 62,430 square feet of windows
325 miles of steel profiles 530 tons of water in the swimming pools
1,013 miles of weld seams 1,4000 tons of fresh water consumed each day
111,000 gallon of paint 713,000 gallons of fresh water generated every day
2,200 miles of electric cables 78,000 pound of ice cubes produced per day
18 theater performers 10 restaurants
10 ice skating performers 16 bars and lounges
2 comedians 258 waiters
4,700 works of art Morgan Auto - [See photos]

***[MS Freedom Of The Seas information "quoted" from Royal Caribbean International's Press Releases]
Royal Caribbean International Web Site

Jamaica Online - Visit Jamaica Web Site
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