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Apparently, Mr. Parkinson wanted to be buried on the property with all his gold and jewels and shortly after his burial, his grave was desecrated and vandalized and his body left out to be consumed by scavengers. Mr. Parkinson was not well liked by his neighbors or the slaves that worked on his plantation and was known to frequently tie those who disobeyed him to a "prickle" tree and whip them as punishment.

There is also a famous cotton tree on the property that is believed to be over 900 years old. It is said that if you touch the tree and make a wish it will come true!

The property was taken over by the Jamaican Government from William Cargill III in 1971. The property is now owned by an American from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Admission to the site is $5.00 USD. All monies collected will be put toward the restoration project. For more information, you can contact the curator of the project, Joy Cole, at 876-772-0910 or E-mail her at:

Transportation to the Whitehall Great House Estate was provided by "Sammy's Jamaican Tours".

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