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Negril Royal Palm Reserve
Eco-Tourism Attraction


The Negril Royal Palm Reserve is a beautiful and tranquil forest within the Negril Great Morass and one of Jamaica's leading Eco-tourism attractions. You will find the Royal Palm (Roystonia Princeps, or Swamp Cabbage Palm as known locally), 114 plant species, and over 300 animal species including birds, butterflies and reptiles. The Morass Royal Palms are found no where else in the world.

There is a museum where you can learn about native plants and animals and you can take a guided tour along the wooden Royal Palm Boardwalk Trail through the morass swamp forest. The Negril Royal Palm Reserve is truly an outstanding cultural and environmental experience. It is a great place for day tours, horseback riding, nature walks, bird watching, fishing, company retreats, weddings, meditation, special events, school tours, and scientific research.

For more information about the Negril Royal Palm Reserve you can access their Web Site at or E-mail them at

Below you will find a Photo Gallery & Slide Show with photographs taken during a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon walk through the Negril Royal Palm Reserve.

Photo Gallery & Slide Show
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