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Jamaica Air Shuttle Launch @ MBJ Airports Limited
Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica W.I.

Speech by Fernando Bosque, Chief executive Officer, MBJ Airports Limited
at Jamaica Air Shuttle Launch, Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Greetings and welcome to all of our special guests and the media today as we welcome the newest airline to join the Sangster International Airport team.

Most people think of Sangster International Airport as the primary tourism gateway to Jamaica. Indeed, the vast majority of visitors to this beautiful destination arrive and depart through MBJ and are the beneficiaries of the over US $ 180 Million in improvements and expansion made over the last several years at this airport.

It is because of this role, the importance of the airport to domestic traffic between Kingston and Jamaica's second city, Montego Bay, if often overlooked. Airports in Jamaica are an important business link between communities and assist in facilitation of business development around the island. There is a segments of passengers numbering over 25,000 travelling between Kingston and Montego Bay with great frequency, often by car.

Now there is an alternative! Now we have the option of a frequent and reliable air service between our two cities! So, we encourage everyone to 'get out of your cars and into a plane!'

MBJ Airports Limited welcomes this new arrival to our team at Sangster International Airport and hopes that passengers travelling between Kingston and Montego Bay will take advantage of our new domestic facilities. This main terminal has an entire area dedicated to domestic passengers with separate check-in facilities and security clearance to ensure that travelling domestically in Jamaica is fast and easy and avoids spending time with Immigration and Custom formalities.

We also look forward to welcoming residents of Kingston who see the benefits of flying from Tinson Pen to Sangster to take advantage of all of the International flights offered from Montego Bay. Sangster is the best connected airport to the world in Jamaica with well over 300 flights a week to major destinations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingston and Europe! Residents of Kingston can look forward to less traffic, shorter required check-in times and more flights to choose from by using Tinson Pen to connect to MBJ's International flights.

MBJ Airports Limited looks forward to welcoming the many new passengers we expect Jamaica Air Shuttle to attract and wish this new airline all the best for the future.

Thank you.

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